Crumb Coating

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Duration: 10:22

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The crumb coat is the base coat of icing that locks in cake crumbs to create a barrier between the cake and the final coat of icing. It is often an overlooked step of icing a cake, however, without this ever so important layer it would be near impossible to create the pristine buttercream icing we all strive for. Follow along with cake designer Rachael Teufel in a follow up video to Stacking and Trimming cakes, as she demonstrates how to properly crumb coat a buttercream cake.

Starting with a layered and trimmed cake, cake decorating turn table, offset spatula, straight edge and buttercream, Rachael steps you though her tried and true method. Along the way she will share tips on spatula angle, how to apply an even layer of icing with a spatula or piping bag, how to build up the edges properly and how to fix any gaps or indentations to achieve a level crisp base coat. This premium video is recommended for cake decorating beginners as well as a refresher for the more seasoned bakers.