Rachael Teufel

Creating Ruffles

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   35  mins

Ruffles can be featured on a variety of cakes from wedding designs to the princess cake of every little girl’s dreams. In this premium lesson, cake designer Rachael Teufel demonstrates how to create a variety of ruffles that range from tiny and delicate to wavy or rustic. Rachael’s easy to master techniques can be applied to fondant or modeling chocolate and adapted to create a number of different designs with only a few simple tools and a rolling pin. Rachael shares the benefits of using modeling chocolate over fondant and her secret folding method that will allow you to create multiple ruffles at the same time.

Watch and learn as she gently manipulates and flares the edges to create thin, realistic ruffles that can be applied to a cake in any direction. Included are tips and tricks on how to remove excess powdered sugar, hiding seams, and how create clean top and bottom edges. Along the way, Rachael reminds you that while there are many different approaches to ruffles, the basic technique of thinning the edges and folding remains the same. With a little practice, even beginners can master this basic skill and apply it to create a variety of ruffles like circular, spiral, cascading or double edge—the possibilities are endless! For more information on how Rachael perfectly covered the square cake with royal blue fondant featured in this video, check out her lesson on paneling square cakes with fondant.

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