Rachael Teufel

Coloring Sugar Flowers with Petal Dust

Rachael Teufel
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Duration:   8  mins

Applying edible petal dust onto gum paste or sugar flowers is an easy way to enhance them and accentuate all the natural details! Come along with cake designer Rachael Teufel as she demonstrates the simple process of adding color to create depth and dimension in any sugar flower.

With only a little time and the right products, Rachael brings hydrangea blossoms to life in a matter of moments. First, Rachael discusses the differences between powdered food color and petal dust and explains why powdered food color isn’t the right tool for the job. Then she grabs her paintbrushes and gets to dusting!

Rachael shares her tips and tricks on lightening petal dust, blending multiple colors, selecting the proper brush, and dusting with a certain technique to avoid brush marks. Rachael encourages you to start light and add layers to build up to the desired color.

Once you feel comfortable with dusting small blossoms, start playing with other types of gum paste flowers. Although the basics to using petal dust are the same, every flower will be dusted slightly differently.

To learn more about creating and coloring sugar flowers, check out some of Rachael’s other videos.

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