Coloring Fondant

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Duration: 6:18

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If you’ve mastered fondant and are ready to add bright, bold colors to bring your cake creation to life, you’re in the right place! Adding color to fondant is an easy way to drastically change the entire look of your cake design. Soft, subtle pastels can transform a plain, white cake into a romantic wedding cake or the sweetest baby shower cake. Deep, rich colors bring excitement and awe to all kinds of celebration cakes from birthday cakes to character cakes and everything in between!

Cake designer Rachael Teufel has mastered the entire rainbow of colored fondant in her work, and she is here to share her preferred products and tips to help you achieve beautifully colored fondant. The only cake supplies you need are some gel food colors, pre-kneaded fondant, and a mat to protect your surface. The possibilities are endless in this fabulous tutorial where you can explore a simple, easy way to elevate your cake designs!