Maddie Gartmann

3-D "Mom" Cookies for Mother's Day

Maddie Gartmann
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Duration:   13  mins

Join Maddie Gartmann in the kitchen as she shows you how to make these gorgeous 3D Mother’s Day cookies! First, Maddie floods the base of her cookies using a two-consistency flood method. She reminds you to cut off the bottom of the cookie with a knife before baking to create the flat edge you’ll need to make the cookie stand up later. After flooding her letter cookies, Maddie demonstrates the best way to outline the scalloped-edge base cookie, and then floods it. She recommends letting the flooding icing dry for at least eight hours.

After the flooding icing is dry, Maddie shares some great tricks on creating piping tips straight from the icing bag itself, saving you the need to wash and switch out piping tips! She demonstrates how to pipe rosebuds, dots of color, and different-sized leaves. Last, Maddie shows how to apply stiff icing to “glue” the letter cookie to the base. With Maddie’s tips, you’ll be wowing everyone who receives these beautiful rosebud-adorned Mother’s Day cookies!

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