Guide: Sensational Sweet Treats for a Break From Cake


Item: U8018F


Sometimes even a cake decorator needs a break from cake, and we’ve got five great choices in this guide to satisfy your sweet tooth. From milkshakes to marshmallows and cookies to doughnuts, get ready to indulge!

For a delicious cold treat that isn’t your standard bowl of ice cream, make one of three over-the-top milkshake flavors like chocolate peanut butter pretzel, Birthday cake, or chocolate coconut Kahlua. You’ll learn how to build the ultimate shake by rimming the glass, blending up ingredients to the perfect consistency, and topping this already tasty treat with even more deliciousness.

Might we suggest using one of the other four desserts featured in this guide to take it even more over the top, like adding a deep fried apple cider doughnut to a caramel milkshake. If these shakes are a bit too much sweetness all in one place try making the homemade marshmallows or black & white cookies. These treats have a mild sweetness that lets the subtleties of their light flavor shine through. And for those who need a chocolate fix, bake up a few chocolate-coated cherry cookies. It’s like two treats in one fabulous bite.

This guide includes five recipes using ingredients you likely already have in your pantry and they each come together easily with simple mixing methods.