Guide: Not-So-Basic Buttercream Decorating Ideas


Item: U8006F


Are you ready to take your buttercream cakes to the next level? Our cake experts Lyndsay Sung and Jessie Oleson Moore share some of their best-kept buttercream secrets in this 18-page downloadable PDF.

You will come away with not only a better understanding of the benefits and downsides of crusting buttercream, but also some delicious recipes! Included are step-by-step recipes with helpful tips to make classic crusting buttercream, delicious brown sugar buttercream, and a jaw-dropping glow-in-the dark buttercream.

Jessie also shares delicious ways to upgrade and flavor your buttercream with everything from extracts to savory cheeses and spices. After you have whipped up a batch, learn how to pipe a beautiful rose atop a cupcake with a step-by-step photo tutorial.