Guide: Modeling Chocolate Tips & Techniques


Item: U8017F


Discover some of the versatile qualities of modeling chocolate as you learn about five commonly used tools that make decorating with modeling chocolate easy. You likely already have these in your cake decorating toolbox, but we’ll show you how to multipurpose your items.

Once you try modeling chocolate, you will quickly see why it is becoming the go to product for decorations. Familiarize yourself with this flexible yet sturdy medium by making quick, cute, & easy flowers following a step by step photo tutorial. These edible versions of fabric Kanzashi flowers are the perfect topper for cupcakes since they won’t dry hard and can easily be eaten.

Then we’ll head to the beach for some fun in the sun by making a modeling chocolate palm tree! You’ll learn how to provide support to your decoration when needed and add texture to provide more depth to your creations.

Lastly, find out how to keep this amazing product at its best with a storage method that will extend the life of your modeling chocolate to two years!

This guide is a great introduction to modeling chocolate for those with little to no experience with this product.