Guide: Holiday Dessert Recipes Collection


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Whether it’s fall or winter, these classic desserts are prefect for timeless celebrations of the holiday season. Included in this guide are recipes for five tasty baked goods from pies to cookies to cake that are sure to please any crowd!

Did you know that swapping out one ingredient in a pumpkin pie can change the texture entirely? Bake up a classic pumpkin pie two different ways with Jessie Oleson Moore of Cake Spy to see which version you like best.

And if pumpkin is not your style try Jessie’s decadent pecan pie. The flavor and richness is kicked up a notch with a little bourbon, but don’t worry she offer substitutions if alcohol isn’t on your menu.

For the cookie lovers, Ashley Rodriquez of Not Without Salt shares her favorite recipes for decorative sugar cookies with royal icing and spicy gingerbread cookie that can be altered for a milder palette or enhanced with other seasonal flavors. Both of these recipes are designed to take on any shape depending on the style cutter used and both can be adorned with royal icing and other festive decorative items.

Roll cake, Swiss roll, sweet roulade, jelly roll, pinwheel cake, Yule log cake, and Buche de Noel… What do they have in common? Well, these are all names for a thinly baked cake that is filled, rolled and sometimes iced. They can be made in a multitude of flavor combinations fitting for any time of year. In this guide, Jessie shares a chocolate version with a whipped cream filling and a decadent chocolate ganache icing that turns this roll into a decorative Yule log perfect for a winter holiday celebration.

Finally, because pastries are often served with delicious beverages, we’ve included latte recipe as a bonus!