Guide: Glorious Ganache


Item: U8016F


Chocolate comes in many forms, and when mixed with the right ingredients in the proper ratios it takes on different characteristics allowing it to be used for various tasks.

In this guide to mastering ganache you’ll learn how to stir up a batch of luscious ganache using dark, semi-sweet, or milk chocolate to the perfect consistency for icing cakes in a similar fashion as buttercream. This spreadable ganache has a matte finish that firms up with crisp edges. It is a beautiful finish as is or as a suitable base for covering with fondant.

You will also learn a different ratio for making a poured ganache that coats your cakes with a thin, glossy shell. It is an easy, but often messy process that is worth the effort for such a easy covering.

Next, we will break the age-old myth that chocolate and water don’t mix by sharing 8 substitutions for cream when making ganache. And, yes, one of them is straight-up water. If you are a doubter, try it for yourself and discover a ganache that purest in flavor to the chocolate used.

Lastly, follow a step-by-step tutorial to create a party-perfect drip cake that will delight your guests’ eyes and tastebuds! This adorable melting ice cream cone design is easier than it looks.