Guide: Faux-Food Details for Cakes & Cupcakes


Item: U8015F


Hyper realistic cakes and decor are all the rage and rightfully so. Our minds are blown when they can’t tell the difference between the actual object and the sugar version. This guide includes 4 separate tutorials for creating realistic looking food items prefect for trying to fool the eye and trick the tastebuds.

First, you’ll learn the ins and out of creating a mini barbecue grill cupcake topper complete with burgers, hot dogs, and kabobs. Can you guess what edible item is used for the skewers?

Next, create plump strawberries that are so realistic they might just drip juice when you bit into them. Learn how to color and highlight them beautifully with edible dust.

Then claw your way down to the next tutorial for a fun and friendly lobster cupcake topper. These mini lobsters would be fitting for a summer BBQ or a “Friends” themed celebration.

And last, but certainly not least, grab your old chemistry textbook and head into the kitchen for some molecular gastronomy. Just kidding, leave that book behind because this tutorial explains everything you need to create a runny egg yolk made from passion fruit juice! That might possibly be the best looking avocado toast with a sunny side up egg ever.

Test your creative skills and see if you can fool someone with your own illusion cake.