Guide: Essential Royal Icing Techniques for Stunning Sugar Cookies


Item: U8010F


Learn all of the secrets to achieve gorgeous piped royal icing cookies with Felicity and Krystle of Juniper Cakery in this 25-page downloadable pdf.

Start off by whipping up a batch of royal icing fit for royalty. Included is a step-by-step recipe with guidelines for checking for consistency by piping and troubleshooting common problems like breaks, air bubbles and sugar clumps. From there, Felicity and Krystle share six top tips including special tools to keep in your toolbox to prevent tips from crusting over and increasing your efficiency. Learn how to flood a cookie using two consistencies of icing to create a sleek flawless look.

Follow along in three step-by-step photo tutorials to create royal icing rosettes perfect to adorn cakes or cookies; a vintage teapot featuring gold accents and a wet-on-wet technique for polka dots; and a staked three tier cookie cake with tiny fondant floral blooms.

Practice makes perfect with these easy-to-master techniques!