Guide: 6 Types of Buttercream You’ve Gotta Try


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Build better buttercream with these six must-make recipes! From Swiss meringue to vegan, you’ll have the perfect go-to for your sweets no matter the occasion. Cake experts Joshua John Russell, Lesley Wright, and Jessie Oleson Moore share their favorite recipes that will help you make deliciously irresistible cakes. This 12-page downloadable PDF gives you everything you need to make each type of buttercream, including ingredients, instructions, and helpful tips for each recipe. This PDF will guide you through all the steps to make the following:

– Swiss Meringue Buttercream
– American Buttercream
– Italian Meringue Maple Buttercream
– French Buttercream
– German Buttercream
– Vegan Coconut Oil Buttercream