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22 Responses to “Show Us Your Project”

  1. Carol

    Two Birthdays in one cake

  2. Carol


  3. Petra

    Wedding cake

  4. Debbie K

    A basket of vegetables

  5. Amanda

    This is an Engagement Cake I made for my niece and her fiance'

  6. Michele Milord

    This is a birthday cake for my son. I used the buttercream recipe.

  7. Jhul

    Im a new baker. Just want to show my little project

  8. Carol

    Mini Cooper Baby Shower Cake (The mom and dad to be's last name is Cooper)

  9. Jackie

    I made a cake for an election party

  10. Marco

    What a stunning, totally unique cake… I absolutely love it! You must be very proud of this- congratulations!