Rachael Teufel

Three Cakes, Three Ways: Carrot, Coconut & Chocolate

Rachael Teufel
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In this lesson, Rachael explains the basics of combining ingredients to yield a variety of cake styles. First, she will talk you though creaming butter and sugar to create a flavorful carrot cake that is full of texture. Then, enjoy luscious and light layers of coconut cake made with a reverse creaming method. This method yields a fine crumb that melts in your mouth. And lastly, Rachael uses a mixing method to create a crowd-pleasing fudgy chocolate cake. This method is the easiest way to bake a moist and rich chocolate cake.
Carrot cake is one of those love it or hate it flavors, but Rachael’s recipe uses a secret ingredient that will turn anyone into a carrot cake lover. Learn ingredient substitutions, proper mixing technique, and baking tips as Rachael takes you through each step of the process to prepare this delicious carrot cake using a creaming method. Creaming typically starts with butter and sugar, but Rachael shares a slight variation on the traditional method with this carrot cake recipe. 
Cream cheese icing is a staple in most bakeries and should be a part of every bakers list of recipes. In this lesson, Rachael shows you how to make a perfectly smooth cream cheese icing that is light in texture, but rich in flavor. Along the way she shares her thoughts on choosing the right ingredients and how to blend them up to avoid clumps. Then Rachael demonstrates how to assemble, ice, and plate this moist and delicious rustic carrot cake.
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create Rachael’s favorite coconut cake. This cake is made using a reverse creaming method which creates a light, velvety smooth cake with a fine crumb. Rachael also shares three ways to combat cake dome formation when baking.
Swiss meringue buttercream has a smooth, creamy texture that is melt in your mouth delicious. It is not as sweet as an American buttercream letting the richness of the butter shine through. In this lesson, Rachael takes you step by step through the process of making coconut Swiss meringue. Along the way, she shares her tips and tricks for whipping up a perfect batch every time. Then Rachael assembles a three layer cake using this luscious coconut buttercream demonstrating a crumb coat and quick final coat. And finally, she finishes this cake with a linear rustic decor with toasted coconut.
One of the easiest methods for making a cake is the mixing method. It simply requires all of the ingredients to be combined together. No need for any special tools, just a bowl and a spatula will do the trick. Join Rachael in this lesson to see how this moist chocolate cake comes together is just a few simple steps.
If you love ganache but struggle with getting the right texture and consistency with real chocolate, check out this faux chocolate ganache recipe. This is a simple recipe that yields a pourable consistency when warm perfect for adding a rich layer of fudge to any cake with no tempering required! This icing can be used for adding a delicious chocolate drip decor as well. And if you prefer a light, fluffy chocolate icing, simply whip it up and use it like buttercream. This faux ganache is very versatile and forgiving.
Join Rachael as she compares each of the three cakes with each corresponding icing. She evaluates each style of mixing method along with flavor, texture, and crumb that results from each style. You’ll see how these cakes come together in a layered cake style the yields a beautiful look and delicious flavor.
8 Lessons
2  hrs 17  mins

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned baker, this class will help you hone in on your baking skills in order to master any recipe. Follow along as Rachael Teufel shares three of her favorite cake recipes, each of which uses a different mixing method.

These cakes are each paired with an icing that matches perfectly to create mouthwatering combinations that will add lots of flavor and texture to your recipe collection. You’ll learn how to make a carrot cake using the creaming method and top it with a light cream cheese icing. Then watch a velvety smooth coconut cake come together using a reverse creaming method. Next, Rachael whips up a batch of luscious coconut Swiss meringue buttercream and demonstrates a quick and easy icing technique that takes only a few minutes to complete. And lastly, you’ll enjoy one of Rachael’s childhood favorites, a fudgy chocolate cake with a faux ganache. Along the way she shares several tips for mixing up each batter successfully, ingredient substitutions that will inspire you to explore new flavors, and a few fun decor options to take your cake from the kitchen to the dessert table as quickly as possible.

Rachael Teufel

Rachael grew up baking in the kitchen with her Hungarian grandmother, but she didn't discover her passion for cake decorating until later in life while seeking a creative outlet from her day job. She always had artistic interests, so cake decorating seemed like the perfect activity after a long day working as a Physical Therapist. Rachael launched Intricate Icings Cake Design in 2006 and quickly became known for creating cakes that were both delicious and beautiful. She enjoys translating any type of inspiration into an original cake design striving to think outside the box, explore new techniques, challenge her design skills, and push the limits of creativity! Intricate Icings is best known for their bridal gown-inspired cakes and more recently, the Geode Cake trend which took hold quickly over a large geographic band making it one of the most recognizable design concepts in recent years. Rachael's work is now nationally recognized and can be seen on episodes of <em>Food Network Challenge</em> as a competitor as well as on Hulu’s <em>Baker’s Dozen</em> and Food Networks <em>Buddy VS Duff</em> as a Judge!

Rachael Teufel

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